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Latest USB versions and their specifications – a simple comparison

Published On 06/16/2022 12:02 PM by QZ Support
With each new version and their updates, it can be challenging to understand different USB versions and their specifications. As the new version bring more features and capabilities, it is important to understand them to decide which accessory suits your application. Here we examine latest USB standards and their specifications with a simple comparison table. For ease of understanding we only compared them with respect to maximum data transfer speed. *USB ports and connectors are identified with a color-code and a logo to indicate the... Read more
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How to check if your phone, laptop can stream video over its USB Type C port?

Published On 06/16/2022 12:02 PM by QZ Support Not all USB Type C ports are same. USB-C port is just a connector shape. An USB-C port belongs to a specific USB version (USB 2.0, 3.0, 3.1, 3.2) and hence has predefined features and capabilities. Only USB-C port with USB 3.1 or above version can stream video. USB 3.1 or above versions support DP Alt Mode feature. This feature enables them to stream video signal.  You need to confirm if your device's USB Type C port is with USB 3.1 or above version before trying USB Type C to HDMI/VGA applications. To do this, check your device's... Read more